We improve the future through innovation
Software and Hardware

Alicunde is a Software and Hardware development company backed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers. We create cutting-edge solutions to overcome the technological challenges our customers face and to generate impact on their business.

The most innovative technology at the service of our customers.

Our commitment is to design the ideal technological future of our clients, offering an agile environment and total involvement of our team.

Improving our environment through software

To provide innovative solutions to unique challenges, through the use of the most advanced technologies. To develop tools that allow us to increase the productivity and competitiveness of our customers.

Sharing innovative solutions

To be a global benchmark in the development of innovative technology solutions. To demonstrate the power of technology as a tool to transform the market economically and socially. To offer solutions that have a real impact on improving people's quality of life and companies' productivity.

Project feasibility

Our commitment to transparency allows us to have a healthy and productive relationship with our clients. Joining our efforts for the previous analysis of the feasibility of the project and sharing the technical vision of the project with our clients.

Always responsive to change

We apply the latest stable technology to guarantee our customers competitive products. Our goal as a technology partner is, through innovation, to improve the strategic position of our customers.

Security and reliability
Extremely tested software

We offer solutions that optimize and automate processes to improve our customers' productivity. Without our high standards of security and reliability, these solutions would not meet those requirements.

Customer focus
We enjoy advising

We analyze and look for the technology that best fits the project and the budget of our customers. We seek to optimize costs and guarantee delivery times. Sharing our vision and knowledge with our clients with total transparency.

Constant learning
Always trying new technologies

A big part of our job as software technology engineers is to keep our knowledge up to date. Learning new languages, technologies or services that optimize processes is one of our premises.

Involvement on external teams

Both internally with our employees and contractors, as well as with the different departments of our customers, our ability to attend to each person is essential to achieve the expected results.