Ioscoot native app for iOS and Android.
iOS and Android applications

We develop native applications for iOS and Android focused on user experience. We start from dynamic prototypes developed in Adobe XD or Figma and develop using XCode or Android Studio.

Native developments with smooth and animated interfaces.

Cross-platform projects are started in iOS versions to exploit all their capabilities and, once built, we replicate in Java the same experience for the Android application. This way we ensure that both environments have an exact look and feel. The main reason to start with Apple is because of its ease in applying the design rules, as Android can limit the same and weigh down the expectations of the project and the client.

Alicunde also performs the deployment of the apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android. Freeing the client from the responsibility and complexity of the distribution of the applications.

iOS Native We develop in Objective-C to guarantee the best user experience.
Android Native Experts in developing applications for the largest number of Android versions.
React Native Multiplatform Emphasizing memory consumption and prioritizing interface fluidity.
Adobe PhoneGap Web Technology Simple applications and no processor load.
Mobility apps for iOS and Android..
Security and Quality
We test on physical mobiles

Apple's limited variety of models ensures quick and reduced testing. Android offers a landscape with thousands of different models and unexpected behaviors between versions. Alicunde has both simulator farms and real physical devices. Devices configured to generate the error in the application and analyze its behavior. A formula to validate development and ensure deployment in the correct number of versions.

We validate developments on real and simulated devices.

All our applications are built to be versioned and allow the deployment of new versions without fear of functionality overlaps. We have a long experience with mobile applications with large numbers of users, optimizing response times on software defects and releasing new versions

Once the development is finished we keep a close relationship with the results issued by the different distribution platforms to detect possible bugs and fix them in the shortest possible time. For this reason, deployments are usually done on Mondays and we have all the technical team available.