Calvin Klein
Web application for online sales

Development of an integration system capable of updating the stocks of their stores and warehouses with real-time connection to sales, in-store and online. Management of online orders and intelligent connection with the nearest warehouses or with the largest amount of stock.

Real-time connection to physical stores, online orders and warehouse

The architecture of this development is structured to homogenize the different stocks of the stores and the in-store or online orders. Capable of supporting a high volume of requests at variable times.

Payment gateways for online sales
Every option to pay comfortably

A payment gateway with deferred payments to allow prior validation of stock to save costs on order cancellations. System combined with a private payment gateway managed by Calvin Klein's customer service team.

Payment gateways adapted to all profiles

A high percentage of potential customers never complete the last step in the order process. The client wanted to reduce this frustration as much as possible by offering all available payment methods.