Customer Relationship Management
Customer management systems

One of Alicunde's greatest areas of expertise is to develop systems to manage the information associated with the customers of a company. Built following the client's needs and avoiding the use of pre-built systems.

Platforms to comfortably manage your company and your customers.

Prototyping of all its functionalities is one of the most important aspects of this type of development. No company is the same, much less its management needs. Prototyping is a fundamental piece for the development to be fluid and not generate risks at the delivery date.

We have extensive experience in the integration of different payment and ticket management systems.

Payment Gateway Online invoicing We integrate PayPal, Stripe, Redsys, Sermepa, Caixa, Santander or BBVA among others.
Promotions Messages to your customers We generally use SendGrid, Mailchimp or database notification queues.
Global Position Data Analysis Real-time systems to analyze your company's status and turnover.
Connection We integrate We develop systems to integrate your current systems.