High volume data management system

Software focused on data processing to facilitate analysis through Big Data tools. System developed together with Ferrovial's Digital Hub team and deployed in Microsoft Azure.

Delivering the right data, at the right time.

Software developed by database controlled events together with temporary configurations, triggers and alarm systems. Facilitating the incorporation of new data and validating the storage of such data.

The experience of Ferrovial's Digital Hub and its technical team are key to the quality of the software. Improving and adjusting the different pieces of development to both technical and business needs.

Ferrovial Digital Hub
Experiencing the benefits of working in an innovation space

Developing software in Ferrovial's Digital Hub means learning and innovating in all the areas that make up any software. A way of working as a team to combine knowledge and provide ideas and solutions to different technological problems. Improving the final product and guaranteeing pre-established results.

Innovation, teamwork and expertise in Big Data