Dynamic geodesic networks
Surface division for data analysis

Library developed on Python, PHP or Javascript for the division of geographic surfaces using bearings defined by linear distances. Calculating the positions without the need to recalculate the entire network and improving the efficiency of the algorithm. This algorithm is necessary for the analysis of surfaces based on metric radiuses and to cover large areas.

Efficiency and speed in the creation of large geodetic networks

Geodesy Grid contemplates the deformity of the earth (oblate spheroid), avoiding its distortion and obtaining coordinates based on concentric hexagons defined by bearings and degrees.

Extraction by geographical positions
Scratching oriented systems

Geodesy Grid satisfies the need of scratching systems to automate data extraction over large surfaces. It provides a geodesic grid that covers the surface to be analyzed and allows an orderly download by cycles.

Positions sorted by cycles and covering large areas

Software capable of converting metric measurements and allowing to simulate data services. It allows the simulation of mobile devices and the definition of their radiuses through the dynamic configurations of each service.