GPS accuracy
Focused on improving the positioning of vehicle fleets

The accuracy of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou and other regional systems over large fleets must be processed by algorithms to improve their accuracy by combining variables of the vehicle itself and analyzing the natural error jointly across the fleet. GNSS Correct is a proprietary software of Alicunde applied to large fleets of vehicles, improving their positions in real time and making use of historical geolocated positions. Monitoring to reduce endemic ambiguities, clock estimation and transfer time, avoiding false echoes and discarding incorrect positions by dynamic variables. Low cost operations and fast response times on limited infrastructures.

Accuracy, speed of calculation and filtering of geolocated locations

GNSS Correct also offers other tools for land and sea identification, surface fault detection or the use of permanent stations to detect faults over large areas.

Large fleets
Shared mobility industry

Minimizes noise on static positions and jointly validates the status of the vehicle, analyzing in real time and avoiding returns of positions created by mathematical calculations. Combining both the position of the user's device with that of the vehicle and maintaining a history of positions to create stored routes using Points SQL.

Reducing vehicle losses

Avoids the relative loss of vehicles on large fleets and improves the user experience in vehicle location. System applied on 4 large fleets on 4 different trackers.