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Social network for tattoo artists and tattoo lovers with great impact in the tattoo industry. Positioned in the first results of Google in 15 countries and the site with the highest Hispanic traffic of tattoo lovers.

First site for tattoo lovers in 15 countries

Developed by a team located in 23 countries and with the guarantee of a publishing house composed of 75 professionals, a social network composed of more than 40,000 tattoo artists and sponsored by companies specialized in the sector. Ink on Sky is a reference in the sector with more than 15 million results on Google on the first page and more than 11 million tattoo artists found.

Platform built on a network of national servers to improve its positioning and an architecture based on proxies. Translated into 5 languages and supported by L'Oreal, Balm Tattoo, Cheyenne, Bayer, among others.

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40,000 registered professionals

A free space where you can consult millions of tagged and geopositioned tattoos. Tattoos rated by a team of 75 tattoo professionals and classified to optimize the search for new artists.

11 million satisfied customers

Ink on Sky has been offering commercial services to companies specializing in the sector since 2014, being the space with the highest volume of organic traffic and best rated by the tattoo sector.