Mob Technology Systems
Shared Mobility Platform

Using our extensive experience in the shared mobility sector, we started the development of Mob, a platform with which the operator is not tied to the software or hardware of its suppliers. Today, there are numerous software platform providers for vehicle fleets, but not so many are geared exclusively to shared use. This has led to large gaps between what was expected from a highly technological sector and what these platforms offered to their customers and users.

Technological liberation of shared fleets

Another important point to keep in mind, is that vehicle operators are captive to the platforms, they do not own the data that their business produces, neither the software nor the databases.

Our intention was to develop a solution that would respond to all the needs we had identified over the last 3 years. To free the operator from software and hardware, so that they could test and change easily and own their apps and databases. We provide them with all the technological base so that they could operate having full control over what happens in the business.

Architecture by 9 layers
Software built using Node.js

To achieve our goal, the platform architecture was developed after thoroughly analyzing the solutions available in the market. After deeply analyzing 17 public mobility APIs and consulting the most relevant mobility standards in the industry, we started the development.

Communication protocols over trackers tested on 5 hardwares

The platform is divided into several technological layers, which make up a comprehensive solution for the fleet operator of vehicles designed for sharing. These links are the mobile applications for iOS and Android, a management console that acts as CRM and ERP to control staff, customers, vehicles and metrics and an API.

The core of the platform is the API, in charge of keeping all systems connected in real time, this is divided into 9 divisions.