Website for Barbour with mobile-friendly design.
Internet sales
8 payment gateways

Development of commercial sites for online sales with continuous integration of stock and 8 types of payment gateways, increasing its share of customers and facilitating the purchase. Sites focused on positioning in major search engines and ensuring an organic flow of users. Developments prototyped both in design and functionality using Adobe XD and creating a predefined roadmap.

Responsive, fast rendering and positioning of your products

Online sales through multiple stocks and warehouses with notification systems to improve product delivery. Sites combined with user, order and product management systems; facilitating integration through periodic or real-time imports with external sales channels.

8 payment methods
Increased sales

Developments integrated to the most common payment gateways, allowing the user to finalize the purchase with the confidence and guarantee of the different banking entities. Covering the demands of your audience and increasing your sales considerably. Integration with Redsys, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Adyen, Stripe and Sermepa, in turn, integrations are developed with methods based on bank transfers or through payment gateways managed by the Customer Service department.

Alternatives to finalize the order

Controlled order flows from submission to destination. Connected to the different logistic operators and allowing to know the position of the same.