Corporate Responsibility
We invest in social improvement

Alicunde combines its economic strategy with social objectives by allocating resources to humanitarian work and maintaining a relationship with its customers based on our code of ethics. This strategic plan is based on different activities carried out in conjunction with non-profit organizations or by actions encouraged by the concerns of our team.

We combine business with social concerns.

There are several projects in which we have collaborated, sharing our technological knowledge and creating a flow between our clients, the different developments and our social work. Attempting to obtain social profit from all that knowledge learned in all our developments.

We share benefits
3% in 2019

We allocate part of our profits to social work managed by Caritas and other NGOs. Grounding our concern for vulnerable and excluded people.Periodically making donations (3% in 2019) to organizations with ties and shared interests with Alicunde.

At the service of society.
Non-profit developments

One of the concerns of our team is to collaborate for the development of software that helps the underprivileged. Maintaining constant communication with non-profit organizations and projecting new software-based solutions.