Santander Bank
Santander Bank Agent Network

Centralized system with direct communication with the head office, for the issuance of products and new regulations periodically and for the creation of corporate landings for the branches of the collaborating agents. A system for generating sites for agents, deployed with the official image throughout the country.

Deployment of the corporate image in a centralized way. Specific customization for each branch.

A development built on templates and branch-dependent configurations, aimed at positioning each branch in search engines and being able to offer the different offers and products of the entity. In this way it was possible to maintain an homogeneous corporate image in all its web pages and in those of the collaborators.

Corporate Image
Deployment subject to change in real time

Distributed through different machines, under different domains and supported by a proxy architecture for the reuse of the static and commercial material of the entity. The creation of the sites is done through simple forms, the brand image is provided by the head office and is modified in real time in the different sites

The deployment of all the software is carried out by Alicunde and ASLP to guarantee the security related to the administration of the servers.