Software and hardware

Developments with 3 final stages distinguishing the validation of the project performance, the testing and the technical audit of the whole development. Products developed considering their target audience and applying solutions to avoid fraudulent use. Alicunde makes use of its knowledge in hacking to minimize threats in both its software and hardware developments.

Intrusion prevention systems to identify fast-spreading threats.

We apply solutions to prevent massive data theft through automatic algorithms and develop encryption or obfuscation systems. We develop specialized readers using private and public keys to prevent theft by scratching.

Automatic Locks Native System to deny service to IPs with fraudulent activity.
Encryption Secure public data We obfuscate public data to prevent its mass theft.
SSL Pinning We prevent spoofing Developments using SSL Pining to avoid man-in-the-middle tactics.
Testing Simulators and real devices We test the final product on simulated and real device farms.