High availability system

Software for connecting services and storing them in real time. Developed to exploit dedicated servers and consume all their resources, saving costs in massive extraction and increasing its profitability. A platform built with a decentralized architecture and with independent threads distributing the workload among the connected machines.

Data mining using algorithms to be undetectable.

Sniffing has several systems to avoid the detection of the connection and thus maintain the extraction over long periods of time. Capable of wrapping the entire request with predefined random variables or simply simulating official requests from the service itself.

Data Storage
Amazon Hosting

Sniffing stores the raw data via connections to the various storage systems. The data is stored in raw form, allowing further analysis and enriching the storage by constructing call and response objects associated with the sniffed data.

Tested on extractions greater than 1TB per day.

The extraction daemon makes use of IP farms and controls the repetition on failed calls. Software oriented to market analysis or data mining.