Social projects
We collaborate with non-profit organizations on their technology needs

Alicunde collaborates closely in the development of tools to facilitate the work of different social projects. Non-profit developments, based on the altruistic concerns of the entire team and on corporate responsibility of Alicunde.

Applying proven business procedures on data management and thus increase the objectives of the social project.

Technological solutions for social problems.
Refugee Camps
Software for camp management and planning

The increasing number of refugee camps prompted Alicunde to develop an optimal solution for their management and planning. The concentration of millions of people in geographic points lacking any infrastructure or the security problems over them are approached through an Artificial Intelligence system capable of adjusting the needs of its operability over dynamic geographic zones.

Suite of tools for the management of refugee camps.

We seek solutions to problems about water supply or the risks of poor urban planning being solved by Software. Alicunde applies the most advanced studies on the most extensive camps and develops specific tools for specific problems.