Intranet Alicunde's Intranet system console.
Speed and Security
We centralize the permissions system

System to facilitate the construction of large management systems. Oriented to compile the design and functionality, allowing to generate new screens through JSON files and increasing development times. This system is replicated in Node.js, PHP and React Native, deploying simultaneously in both desktop and mobile applications through files hosted on the internet and downloaded by the different user events.

Design and functionality defined by configuration files

An architecture based on pre-defined modules hosted in the Status core combined by its ability to integrate new modules hosted both on the machine and via proxies. The term Status is defined by its conditional execution capability, centralizing user permissions such as user event detection by receiving dynamic state variables.

Management Systems
Dynamism over a static system

Status seeks to reduce development times of repetitive tasks and allowing to focus the development on its particular functionality. A software designed to manage administration systems with thousands of screens, centralization of permissions and a secure control of user events.

Reduced development time and improved software reliability.