IoT electronic systems connected to the network

We develop all the electronics of the tracker and the communication architecture, both the server and the communication protocols of the tracker. We have developed many trackers for vehicles, industrial machinery and static control systems.

Trackers to monitor parameters or events in real time.

Our experience in telecommunications engineering guarantees an electronic development subject to future software requirements. Hardware not planned for software requirements is the most common problem in this type of electronics.

We have a team of electronics with extensive experience in mobility and knowledge of software, developing hardware audited in specialized laboratories and looking for savings in large-scale production.

Communication Secured protocols Encryption of communications to avoid endemic failures.
Battery Consumption control Minimizing battery consumption and increasing battery life.
Synchronized Validation of reception Communication protocols focused on tracker status reliability.
Security Anti-hacking system We develop both hardware and software to prevent hacking.
Tracking System
A project developed together with Mob Platform

Software oriented to improve the reliability of trackers for vehicles and static stations by prioritizing the validation of the reception and processing of the data calls. Tracking Systems makes use of the delivery dates of the tracker itself, its execution time and compares them with those of the transmitter. In turn, its communication protocol attaches encrypted and correlative identifiers to validate that the events are processed in their natural order. This avoids endemic conflicts over vehicle fleets and improves the reliability of the real status of the tracker.

Reliability of tracker response and processing

Tracking System is hardware agnostic and is applied on top of the tracker's embedded software. It validates the traces returned from the tracker and analyzes the real status of the device through a history of processed events. The dynamics of the Tracking System limit the risks of having telematics based on unvalidated returns, and significantly improves the reliability of the electronics.