A comprehensive solution for the fleet operator
Management platform for all business players

Development focused on shared mobility for electric scooters composed of a console and the different native applications for iOS and Android. Composed of 9 APIs and with 329 methods for the management of operations, automated systems and user events. The platform was developed together with Idneo Panasonic and Mob Technologies Systems, bringing together expertise in the mobility industry and enabling the development of optimal solutions.

System with direct communication between users, staff and vehicles.

Software and hardware developed simultaneously to meet the requirements for tracking large fleets of vehicles. Allowing to know the status of the vehicle through tokenized traces and a strict control of the events on the vehicle.

Xiaomi and Segway
Hardware capable of supporting software demands

The tracking of the vehicles is performed by a Hardware built under the protocols of Tracking System allowing to maintain a control in the reception and processing of the events on the vehicle. Minimizing endemic errors on large fleets and improving the user experience in the use of the service.

Communication protocols to ensure reception and processing.

All development makes use of Wondo's corporate image provided by Ferrovial applied to the platform's mobile applications.